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On-site Gifting

Sunglasses are the perfect gift choice for an appreciation event

Memorable Experiences

An eyewear gifting experience combines practicality, style, and the opportunity to create a positive emotional connection with your audience. By offering a unique and personal accessory that people can use regularly, you ensure your gift remains a lasting memory in the recipient's mind.

Let us create an unforgettable experience for you and your recipients. Our process is easy, expertly crafted and always your perfect fit!



Share any and all details about your event, recipients, location and any special requests.

Discover the many ways we can tailor events to make them your perfect fit!



Establish needs and timeline to provide an excellent gifting experience.


Set a Budget

Set a budget.

Curate an assortment of frame selections.

Finalize details.



Deliver the experience.

Exceed expectations.

On-site Gifting Services

Boutique Pop-up Shop

We bring the WOW Factor! Guests feel as though they are shopping a high-end boutique during their gifting experience. A beautiful tablescape displays each unique pair of sunglasses making it accessible and exciting during try on sessions. Recipients receive  immediate enjoyment as they take their new pair of eyewear with them.

boutique pop-up shop

Eyewear Ambassadors

Sunglasses are FUN - so are our people! Rooted all across the country, our expert team of eyewear ambassadors tend to every detail of your gifting experience from start to finish. We work with only the best and give you our very best. Their knowledge of brand highlights, frame specifics and a proper fit allow guests to feel confident when making a selection. We love our team and we know you will too.

eyewear event ambassadors

Custom Additions

Your event will be even more unforgettable with custom additions that make it uniquely you. Consider adding branded microfiber cleaning cloths or bags, even custom sunglass cases for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

custom eyewear additions

2024 Eyewear Collection

Explore the 2024 eyewear collection and create the truly unforgettable experiences.

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